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Standards Of Trading For Exhibitors


Please read the following very carefully.
Standard conditions of trading at Plymouth Pride.

You as the stall-holder/exhibitor agree to the following:

  1. You must trade between the core hours on Saturday 22nd June 2024.
    • Rainbow Village- 12pm to 6pm
    • Food and beverage traders- 12pm to 8pm
    • Festival times -12pm to 8pm 
  1. You must provide copies of your supporting documentation prior to the event as stated in the application. Until full paperwork and payment has been received your booking will remain provisional.
  2. Whilst every effort will be made to meet your requirements, Plymouth Pride cannot guarantee a particular position.
  3. You must ensure that your gazebo is appropriate, and appropriately secured and weighted.
  4. A refund will not be made if you do not attend the event, if you wish to cancel a refund cannot be made.
  5. You are responsible for the insurance of your own property and goods brought on to the event site. Plymouth Pride accepts no liability for loss or damage incurred whilst exhibitor’s equipment is on site. 
  6. Whilst on site you must adhere to the vehicle movement policy and directions provided.
  7. Rudeness and aggression towards staff and contractors is not acceptable and will not be tolerated. If your behaviour is considered rude or aggressive, you will cease trading and be removed from site, with no refund forthcoming.
  8. Plymouth Pride will not be held responsible for any poor sales experienced at any event. Nor will they be accountable for any loss due to adverse weather or cancellation of the event or part of the event.

Terms & Conditions for exhibitors at Plymouth Pride 2024


If you do not follow these conditions you will be asked to cease trading until the problem is rectified. If the problem is such that you are asked to cease trading altogether you will not be refunded your fee.

You as the stall-holder/exhibitor agree to the following:


  • Stallholders/exhibitors must ensure they comply with all legal requirements relevant to their stall including all relevant food safety, trading standards and health and safety legislation.
  • Stallholders/exhibitors must have their business contact details, including a permanent business address available should requested by the public.
  • Stallholders/exhibitors are only permitted to sell within their allocated pitch site. All equipment must be contained within the footprint of the stall.
  • Smoking is prohibited inside any tent or stall.
  • Stallholders/exhibitors are to display price lists
  • Stallholders/exhibitors are only permitted to sell items as detailed on the booking form.
  • Any cabling or hazards shall be placed where it cannot sustain physical damage and does not cause a trip hazard.
  • We take great care when planning events and therefore will not relocate exhibition areas once allocated, unless there are mitigating circumstances.
  • The stallholder/exhibitor will not pack away and leave the event until the allocated time.
  • The stallholder/exhibitor is responsible for the decoration and set up of their exhibition area as well as any equipment that they may need. Plymouth Pride will not provide any equipment at our events unless it has been previously agreed in writing.
  • Stallholders/exhibitors operating outside of the allocated exhibition area will be reminded to operate inside of their allocated exhibition area, failure to do so will result in the requirement to cease trading and potential removal from the event, or additional fees payable.
  • All fees are payable in full before the event. Payment is contractual agreement that you accept this contract and all guidelines within.
  • No amplified music is allowed on the stall. Bluetooth speakers at a reasonable level are acceptable for personal entertainment only. If found to be playing music for public entertainment, you will be requested to stop.
  • Stalls offering therapy or cosmetic services must provide copies of their qualifications. Qualifications must be displayed at the stall when offering services involving massaging or touching skin or hair of attendees. A consent form must be signed by a parent or guardian for anyone younger than 18 years of age.
  • Stallholders/ exhibitors ensure that one person is designated the ‘Responsible person’ for your stall. Our Event Manager and or Stallholder Manager will liaise with the Responsible Person on the day.
  • There will be a PA system for announcements at the event. You must listen and act upon hearing announcements where necessary or if requested by any senior Plymouth Pride representative.


  • Charities and organisations are not permitted to have collection boxes on their stand or permitted to ‘Shake Buckets’ at the event.
  • Charities and organisations are permitted to sell their branded merchandise/ products.


All stallholders/exhibitors must provide the following prior to the event. Until this has been received, your booking will remain provisional:

  • Copy of Public liability insurance.
  • Fire and risk assessment.
  • Food Traders- Letter confirming local authority registration or copy of food hygiene rating sticker
  • Signed Terms & Conditions

All exhibitors will be required to have copies of the following documentation on their stall during the event:

  • Up to date Public liability insurance (Please note, policy cover must be for £5million or over.)
  • Employers’ liability insurance will be required if there are five or more staff, including yourself.
  • Risk Assessment
  • CFOA Fire Risk Assessment
  • Additionally for food traders
  • Temporary Events Notice (TENS) licence (If selling alcohol)
  • Gas Safety Certificates (If using gas at the event)
  • Food safety management system (safer food better business or equivalent)
  • Food Hygiene Training Certificates
  • Copy food hygiene rating sticker
  • Organic Certificate (If required)
  • Food origin information
  • Allergen information


  • All stallholders/ exhibitors are responsible for the insurance of their own property and goods brought on to the event site. Plymouth Pride accepts no liability for loss or damage incurred whilst exhibitors’ equipment is on site. You may wish to insure your property against damage.
  • Security, Event staff and volunteers will be present at the event and clearly visible in Hi-Viz vests, if you see any anti social behaviour or anything suspicious then please report it to one of these representatives immediately.


  • Plymouth Pride will advise you of access points to the site prior to the event.
  • Plymouth Pride Stewards will direct vehicle movements.
  • There is a 5MPH speed limit for all vehicles on the site. Traders must adhere to the speed limits set.
  • No vehicles (excluding food vehicles and those agreed) can be left on site during the event.
  • Whilst on site you must adhere to the vehicle access routes and movement policy and directions provided.
  • Only Emergency vehicles will be allowed to enter the site once it is open to the public.
  • Core trading hours for the event are 12pm to 6pm


All stallholders/ exhibitors should be environmentally conscious and single use plastics are prohibited, specifically:

  • No plastic bags
  • No plastic straws
  • No single use, non-biodegradable food packaging
  • No plastic cutlery
  • No plastic, non-biodegradable drinks containers
  • No single use, non-biodegradable cutlery
  • No styrofoam
  • No bubble-wrap any meats and fish should be sustainable sourced items should be sustainably sourced and not mass-produced plastic
  • No ‘fun snaps’ or similar should be sold.
  • No ‘silly string’ or similar should be sold.



  • No exhibitor may sell alcohol without first obtaining permission from Plymouth Pride and the obtaining a Premises Licence (TENS) for off sales from Plymouth City Council, Licensing team.


  • Food and drink is to be stored, prepared and served in compliance with all current statutory and regulatory requirements.
  • All food stalls must be registered with the Local Authority. Please provide proof of this prior to the event.
  • You will have a documented Food Safety Management system in place. This will be available on the stall for inspection.
  • All persons working on the food stalls must have food handler training or be supervised with someone who has a valid food hygiene certificate must be presented before the event.
  • Ensure all food is kept at a temperature to prevent the growth of food poisoning bacteria. All high-risk food must be at or below 8°C, or if to be served hot at or above 63°C.
  • You must ensure you have adequate hand washing/cleaning facilities. Where unpackaged food items are handled these must include a basin or sink with a supply of hot and cold water.
  • Antiseptic wipes will only be acceptable if there is no direct food handling e.g. where food on sale is fully wrapped.
  • Washing facilities for equipment will be required where you cut, slice or prepare any foods on work surfaces or chopping boards or use equipment to handle open high risk foods. This must be a sink with a supply of hot and cold water or appropriately mixed running water to the sink, separate to your wash hand basin. Suitable drainage must be provided for the sink.
  • You must ensure your stall is kept clean throughout the event.


Allergen information must be provided for all the foods you sell this includes:

  • Cereals containing Gluten e.g. wheat, rye, barley, oats
  • Celery and Celeriac e.g. stalks, seeds and leaves
  • Eggs
  • Fish, Crustaceans and Molluscs e.g. all fish, prawns, lobster, crab, clams, langoustines, mussels, oysters, squid
  • Milk
  • Mustard
  • Peanuts
  • Other Nuts e.g. walnuts, cashews, pecan, Brazil, pistachio, macadamia, Queensland nuts
  • Sesame Seeds
  • Soya e.g. flour, tofu or bean curd, textured soya protein, soy sauce, edamame beans.
  • Sulphur Dioxide and Sulphites
  • Lupin Seeds and Flour
  • Details of these allergens must be printed on pre-packed goods and listed clearly in an obvious place such as a menu, chalkboard or information pack.


  • All products offered for sale must comply with relevant product safety legislation, including appropriate CE and warning labelling if required.


  • Every stallholder/ exhibitor is responsible for carrying out a risk assessment of their designated area to ensure that all potential risks are minimised (hazards should be identified and preventative/ protective measures implemented).
  • A copy of this risk assessment will be available on the stall


  • You will provide details of the type and amount of gas you intend to use at the event. Gas appliance must comply with relevant HSE regulations and must have undergone a gas safe check within 12 months prior to the event. A gas safety certificate for all gas appliances on site will be available for inspection on the stall.
  • All gas bottles must be securely stored upright outside (back) of the marquee/ gazebo ensuring it is well ventilated and not blocked by any materials or equipment.
  • Appropriate signage should be displayed for employees and the public.
  • Should we find faulty or untested gas appliances or connections within your stall you will be asked to disengage the equipment or may be asked to cease trading with no refund of your fee.


  • Suitable firefighting equipment will be available on site, in the event of a fire immediately vacate the area to a safe space. Please then notify an official in Hi-Viz and call 999.


  • Litter and rubbish generated during the event by the stallholders/ exhibitors must be cleared regularly from the stall and surrounding areas and not allowed to collect at the back of stalls.
  • All refuse shall be kept in suitable containers and shall be of a sufficient size for the amount of litter likely to be generated.
  • All rubbish must be disposed of in the correct bin on site, these will be clearly labelled.
  • Stallholders/ exhibitors are responsible for the cleanliness of the stand and any waste/grease must be cleared before leaving the event site. You may double check with the Plymouth Pride team on the day if you are unsure.
  • There are no facilities for waste water disposal, waste water must be taken back to your business for suitable disposal off site. Waste water must not be disposed down the open drains.
  • Waste oil must be left to cool and emptied into a suitable lidded container. Fats and oils must not be poured into the drains or on the ground. Oils should be returned to your business for collection via a licensed contractor.


Failure to sign and agree to the standards of trading for exhibitors and the terms and conditions will result in your application being rejected.